European Cave Rescue Meeting 2021 – Second Circular

European Cave Rescue Meeting 2021, 11-14 November, Cantabria, Spain

ECRM 2021, 2nd Circular

The European Cave Rescue Meeting is going to take place in Ramales de la Victoria, Alto Asón, Cantabria / Spain from 11th to 14th November 2021.

Pre-Meeting from 10th to 11th November 2021.

The focus will be on technical experience, actual status and further development.

This meeting is organized by the
Fundación Espeleosocorro Cántabro – ESOCAN
on behalf of the European Cave Rescue Association.


After the cancellation of the 2020 meeting due to Corona, we are again optimistic about the autumn.

Our organisation lives very much from personal togetherness. That is why the ECRA Board, the ECRA Commissions and the local organising committee are already working on workshops on technical issues, a round table on international collaboration and a diving exercise.

Soon more information will be available. Please also visit our website for last minute changes Or send us an email on in case of any question.

Please note the date for ECRA meeting in your diary!

We are looking forward to meet you in Cantabria

the Organising Committee

PLEASE NOTE: the Corona situation expected in November will be decisive for the actual implementation.

ECRM 2021, 2nd Circular

Time Frame

Time Schedule – The Meeting


Technical Workshop

For this year the Technical Commission will organize a cave rescue demonstration/exercise in natural environment. Several demonstration/exercise stations/spots will be set and to participants will be presented cave rescue maneuvers. Immediately they could try it with assistance of instructors.

Special Equipment: for those who want to be active is PSA required.

Giuseppe CONTI, Chairperson of the Technical Commission

Mobile: +39 3286221953

Medical Workshop

Developing functional international collaboration.

Gathering experiences 2010-2021.

Special topics depending on contributions.

Please send us a short note if you would like to contribute.

Lana DONLAGIC, Chairperson of the Medical Commission

Katrin HABEGGER, Vice Chairperson

Cave Diving Exercise

Please inform the Chairperson of the Cave Diving Commission until 1 November 2021, if you need to rent equipment different than the personal one (bottles, weight, etc.)

Detail plan for exercises during Pre-meeting and meeting will be sent in addition to registered cave rescue divers.

All available information from Chairperson of Cave Diving Commission.

Special Equipment: no special requirements aside the standard cave rescue diving equipment.

Robert ANZIC, Chairperson of the Cave-Diving Commission

Mobile: 00386 40 889 229

Passage Enlargement Workshop

Non-blasting methods will be presented and an overview of methods to combat against bad air in caves. Depending on the Spanish laws we try to organize a demonstration how to make rocks smaller and so widen a narrow passage using modern extreme dynamic methods. In any case we will show methods for everyone.

Werner ZAGLER, Chairperson of the Passage Enlargement Commission

Mobile: +49 151 750 41 557
Landline: +49 89 856 1328

Insurance Workshop

This year the ECRA Board organizes a workshop about insurance of cavers and cave rescuers during cave rescue operations.

What standards do we have and what can we do to improve the situation?

Dinko NOVOSEL, President of ECRA

Mobile: +385 91 517 94 31

General Assembly

Agenda will be distributed latest on 12th September 2021.


All presentations must be offered in English.

Members/participants have opportunity to present important achievements in cave rescue and cave rescue operations.

Please send tittles and suggestions of presentation to as soon as practical that we can fulfil Programme of the meeting.
Each presentation is welcomed!

Please Note: We especially encourage new comers in ECRA to present their service, structure and operational history.

Time for each presentation will be max. 15min. In a case a presenter needs more time since he wants to present very important topic (for expample Rescue in Tham Luang), the organizer can decide and allow more time.

The presentations shall be provided till 1st November 2021 to

Special Equipment

See the respective item under “Programme”, page 5.
For the excursions see “Pre-Meeting”, page 14.


Ramales de la Victoria, Alto Asón, Cantabria / Spain

See as well “Appendix 3:  Ramales de la Victoria”, page 40.

Meeting Location

• 1 big meeting room
• 3 small meeting rooms
• Lockable


Exercise Area


The participation fee is 50 EUR, payable at check in.
The participation fee includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner during the ECRA meeting.
Drinks and external accommodation go at your own expense.


Registration is closed.


At the Meeting Office. Office hours see ‘Meeting Office’, page 13.


The official language of the European Cave Rescue Meeting is English.
Simultaneous translation is not available.


Bilbao Airport and Santander Airport are about 65 km away. These airports are accessed by the A 8 Motorway and National Highways.
See as well: ‘Appendix 1: Getting there’, page 37,
‘Support, Transfer Service’, page 13.


Sports Center: bunk beds available(included in the participation fee). Please bring your own sleeping bag and underlay/foam pads.

Improvised campsite in the village sports area (included in the participation fee). Please bring your own camping equipment.

External Accommodation:
The region has varied accommodation in terms of services and qualities, from 10-150 € (not included in the participation fee).

See as well:
‘Appendix 5: Recommended Accommodations’, page 46,
‘Appendix 3: Ramales de la Victoria’, page 40,

Sport Center Rocódromo and the village sports area are on the same address.

Sport Center: bunk beds

Campsite: toilets and washroom, showers available (after excursions, exercises, diving)

Military Unit service will provide all.

Parking space: available

Distance to the meeting rooms: 300 m


Breakfast, lunch, dinner: Self-service in Sport Center
Vegetarian food: Not available
Drinks during breaks: In the hall of the building or public bar


If needed, the participants can request a Letter of Invitation by e-mail:
(Name, organization, country, to be addressed at whom?)


Official Travelling Information, Security Warnings, COVID-19

Please consult your ministry of foreign affairs or the related webpage.

Further information is available from the Spanish Ministry of Health: (in spanish)


Please contact the Spanish embassy in your country.



Power Supply and Power Plugs

230 volts, 50 Hz, Type F (“Schuko”), Type C (Europlug)


Available for free.


Transfer Service
If a transfer from the airports (Bilbao od Santander) is needed, please send an e-mail with the flight data to (flight number, arrival time, departure time).

Help Desk
if you have any questions around the journey or the transfer, please contact our helpdesk.
Available with immediate effect via

8th – 14th November
Beatriz CARACAMO ABOITZ +34 695 715 221, email:

Meeting Office

Opening Hours

Thursday: 18:30 – 22:00
Friday: 7:30 – 20:00
Saturday: 7:30 – 20:00
Sunday: 7:30 – 12:00

Pre-meeting program

More information about Pre-meeting program is available in pdf file in the Second Circular.

Organising Committee & CONTACTS

Martin Gonzales HIERRO, Head of the Local Organising Committee
Fundación Espeleosocorro Cántabro / ESOCAN, Spain

Beatriz CARACAMO ABOITZ, Local Organising Committee – Help Desk
Punto de Información Europea. Gobierno de Cantabria, Spain
Phone: +34 695 715 221

Dinko NOVOSEL, President of ECRA
Hrvatska Gorska Služba Spašavanja / HGSS, Croatia
Mobile: +385 91 517 94 31

Werner ZAGLER, Vice President of ECRA
Höhlenrettungsverbund Deutschland / HRVD, Germany
Phone: +49 151 750 41 557, +49 89 856 1328 (landline)

Kurt DENNSTEDT, General Secretary of ECRA
Österreichische Höhlenrettung / ÖHR, Austria
Phone: +43 680 230 00 25

Giuseppe CONTI, Chairperson of the Technical Commission
Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico / CNSAS, Italy
Mobile: +39 3286221953

Lana DONLAGIC, Chairperson of the Medical Commission
Hrvatska Gorska Služba Spašavanja / HGSS, Croatia

Katrin HABEGGER, Vice Chairperson of the Medical Commission
Speleo Scours Swiss / SSS, Switzerland

Robert ANZIC, Chairperson of the Cave-diving Commission
Jamarska Reševalna Služba Slovenije / JRS, Slovenia
Mobile: +386 40 889 229

Werner ZAGLER, Chairperson of the Passage Enlargement Commission
Höhlenrettungsverbund / HRVD, Germany

Antoniya VLAYKOVA, Responsible for ECRA web visibility
Cave Rescue Bulgaria / CRB, Bulgaria