Possible membership:

1. Full Membership

Full Membership of the ECRA is open to European organisations whose primary function is cave rescue in accordance with the definitions set out in ECRA Constitution ‘§ 2.5.1 Caving and Cave Rescue’ (page 5) in the following categories:

National Members

National Members are organisations covering their whole country.

Regional Members

Regional Members are organisations covering only a part of their country.

2. Collaborating Membership

Collaborating Membership of the ECRA is open to cave rescue organisations from non-European countries. Collaborating Members may not vote at a General Assembly nor sit on the ECRA Board.

3. Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to other organisations (not limited to cave rescue) with an interest in cave rescue. Associate Members may not vote at a General Assembly nor sit on the ECRA Board or chair a commission.

4. Individual Membership

Individual membership of the ECRA is open to cave rescuers from European countries. Individual Members may not vote at a General Assembly nor sit on the ECRA Board.

5. Honorary Membership

A person of special merit that the ECRA wishes to recognise might be nominated through a motion as an Honorary Member by the General Assembly. This recognition does not confer special rights or duties to the person, nor does it limit the Honorary Member’s ability to act on behalf of his organisation.

If you want to become a member

Application to all classes of membership of the ECRA is through submission to the Secretary General. The ECRA Board will produce a report on the merits of the application. This report will be put before the General Assembly prior to voting. If there are already existing members from the same country as the applicant, the ECRA Board shall consult them about the application before reporting. Admission will be granted to applications approved at a vote of the General Assembly.

You will find further information in this form. Please also note the required copy of the identity card of the legal representative and the introduction of your organisation

Send the signed documents in digital form to:

or in paper form to:

Kozarčeva 22
10000 Zagreb