The ECRA board is existing of the following four persons, voted by election in 2021

President Dinko Novosel

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Croatia
Vice-president Werner Zagler

Höhlenrettungsverbund Deutschland, Germany
General Secretary Kurt Dennstedt

Austrian Cave Rescue, Austria
Treasurer Robert Erhardt

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Croatia

In addition, there are existing two auditors

Auditor Marko Erker Slovenian Cave Rescue
Auditor Roman Shebela Cave Rescue Service of Czech Speleological Society

ECRA Commissions

Medical Commission Denes Akos Nagy, Interim Chairperson
Katrin Habegger, Vice-Chairperson

Hungarian Cave Rescue Service

Speleo-Secours Switzerland

Cave Diving Rescue Commission Robert Anžič, Chairperson

Slovenian Cave Rescue
Technical Commission Giuseppe Conti, Chairperson

National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps
Passage Enlargement Commission Werner Zagler, Chairperson

Höhlenrettungsverbund Deutschland