12th European Cave Rescue Meeting – 1st Circular

The 12th European Cave Rescue Meeting is going to take place in Casola Valsenio, Italy between 1st – 4th November 2018.

Organized by Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico on behalf of the European Cave Rescue Association.

Cave rescue exercise.
Photo: Darko Bakšić


The aim of this year’s European Cave Rescue Meeting is to improve the perception of European Cave Rescue Association in a wider caving public. Therefore, this year’s meeting will be organized together with the big caving meeting in Casola Valsenio – Speleopolis.

Since the 1st ECRA meeting we work hard to achieve stronger collaboration and cohesion inside group. In this moment, altogether 19 organizations from 16 different European countries are ECRA members. Thanks ECRA is strong collaboration inside Europe between different cave rescue services already reality.

Cave rescuers are cavers, the main “power” that pushes ECRA forward. However, we have the impression that the wider caving publicity is not enough informed, what ECRA is really about, what has already been done to improve cave rescuing and safety in caving.

This year we saw a great opportunity at the notable annual meeting of the Italian caving federation (Societa speleological Italiana) in Casola Valsenio, where more than 2000 cavers worldwide will attend, to be there and to open our door to cavers.

The ECRA commissions (Technical, Medical and Cave-diving) will organize workshops on next topics:

  1. Highly specific and professional topics for cave rescuers as we do every year.
  2. Achievements in each field with some important remarks for safe caving for wider caver public.
  3. We will discuss about some important issues as being part of EU civil security, ECRA web, cave rescue education, joint international exercises, cave rescue services in case of big earthquakes/catastrophes.

Soon more information will be available. Pease visit our website – www.caverescue.eu or send us an email on info@caverescue.eu.

Please note the date for ECRA meeting in your diary!

We are looking forward to meet you in Casola Valsenio

The Organizing Committee

First Circular for the 12th European Cave Rescue Meeting, Casola Valsenio, Italy 2018, in pdf format.

The meeting place

Casola Valensio, Italy
Province of Ravenna in the region Emilia-Romagna
School Building Meeting Location
Casola 2018, International meeting of caving @SPELEOPOLIS

All event locations can be reached within 5 minutes.

Participation fee and accommodation

The total participation fee is 50 EUR and can be paid during registration of participants.

30 EUR will be paid for registration for Casola 2018 meeting and additional 20 EUR will be paid for ECRA meeting.

Participation fees include accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner during ECRA meeting. Organizer of Casola2018 will provide accommodation including all additional facilities for accommodation and for workshops while CNSAS/ECRA will provide meal during workshops.

Accommodation is on improvised campsite of meeting place is available. Please take your own campsite equipment.

Official Language

The official language of the European Cave Rescue Meeting 2018 is English. All presentations should be written in English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.


No visa is required from citizens of the European countries. Please consult the Italian Embassy in your country if in doubt. If needed, the participants can request a letter of Invitation by e-mail: info@caverescue.eu

Organizing committee

Roberto Corti
Responsible, The National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps, CNSAS, Italy

Alberto Ubertino
Vice President of ECRA, The National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps, CNSAS, Italy

Dinko Novosel
President of ECRA, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, HGSS, Croatia

Kurt Dennstedt
General Secretary of ECRA, Austrian Cave Rescue Association, ÖHR, Austria

Giuseppe Conti
Chairperson of Technical commission of ECRA, The National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps, CNSAS, Italy

Lana Djonlagic
Chairperson of Medical commission of ECRA, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, HGSS, Croatia

Robert Anzic
Chairperson of Cave-diving commission of ECRA, Cave Rescue Service of Slovenia, JRS, Slovenia

Antoniya Vlaykova
Responsible for ECRA web visibility, Cave Rescue – Bulgaria, CRB, Bulgaria


Alberto Ubertino
E-mail: alberto@tessituraubertino.com, Phone: +39 335 600 90 58

Dinko Novosel
E-mail: dinko.novosel@gmail.com, Phone: +385 91 517 94 31

Kurt Dennstedt
E-mail: kurt.dennstedt@oehr.at, Phone: +43 680 230 00 25