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International Cave Rescue Cooperation

Do we need this?! Are we willing to do it? What kind of existent systems are useful for us as cave rescue services? Presentation by Maks Merela, Deputy Leader of Slovenian Cave Rescue Service International Cave Rescue Cooperation

Cave Rescue Jack Daniels Cave

Salzburg (14.08.2014, Markus Auer) Cave Rescue Jack Daniels Cave on going in Austria Bleikogel (Tennengebirge), Broken leg (polish guy), 250 m deep. Entrance: 2100m height not optimal weather conditions for helicopter flights. More Info in German:

Rescue in Riesending Cave

Successful Rescue from the Riesending Cave

Munich, Marktschellenberg (June 19th 2014 11:44). After 11 days 10 hours 14 minutes, a total of 274 hours Johann Westhauser was today successfully rescued from the “Riesending” cave in 1000m depth. “This operation was only possible because the best of the…

Location map, source and ARGE Bad Cannstatt eV

Cave rescue in the Riesending Cave – next steps

Munich, Marktschellenberg (June 10, 2014 10h). Good news from the cave, the injured party is doing better, he can move and stand up. This will facilitate the rescue, because he can help. The operations management “cave” was taken over by…

Cave rescue in the Riesending Cave (Update)

Munich, Marktschellenberg (09/06/14 10h). The rescue operation is slow and difficult. There is need for more experienced cave rescue specialists. The offer of support of the Italian Cave Rescue has not yet been adopted. Instead, now Swiss cave rescuers were…

The Riesending Cave

Cave rescue in the Riesending Cave on the Untersberg mountain

Munich, Markt Schellenberg, Unterberg, district of Berchtesgaden (June 8th, 21h). On Sunday, June 8, 2014, at 13:35 clock, an emergency call in the rescue coordination center Traunstein. An accident had happened in the Riesending Cave (BigTthing) in the Untersberg mountain.…