Three explorers from Poland rescued from Lamprechtsofenhöhle

All three persons are well / Rescue forces worked hand in hand / Rescued persons thanked helpers

Salzburger Landeskorrespondenz, February 18, 2022

(LK) The three researchers trapped since yesterday evening were able to leave the Lamprechtsofenhöhle today around 7 pm under their own power and unharmed. They are hypothermic but in good condition and have already been treated on site by a cave rescue doctor and the Red Cross. The water level in the cave has dropped so much during the day that they could partly swim their way out.

In the picture: Manfred Pongruber (Cathastrophe Officer BH Zell am See (l.), Gernot Salzmann, Cave Rescue Team Leader (2.f.r.) and the three rescued explorers from Poland.

Together, the trapped explorers could be freed from the Lamprechtsofenhöhle.

The three explorers from Poland who were freed from Lamprechstofenhöhle.
The cave rescue team explored the situation in the cave, where the meltwater had risen sharply.
The water level in the cave made it impossible for the three explorers to get outside on their own.

The cave rescue team, the fire department, the police, the Red Cross and, of course, the families of the rescued cavers breathed a sigh of relief after around 24 hours of operation. The professionals from Poland spent a total of 36 hours in the cave. Then on Thursday evening the water rose rapidly, they could no longer return to the open air. Then the redeeming moment at about 7 p.m. on Friday when the water level once again surprisingly dropped and all were able to get out unharmed.

Cave rescuers: “All were pursuing one goal.”

“We are very relieved that the three explorers were able to leave the cave already today and are well. The cooperation of the emergency forces on site was exemplary. Everyone was highly focused on just one goal. To get the people safe and sound back into the open air, and we all succeeded very well,” emphasized Monika Feichtner, the regional head of high-altitude rescue, and operations manager Gernot Salzmann.

Pongruber: “The most beautiful gift.”

“Whenever a special challenge comes our way, the emergency forces can be relied upon,” said Manfred Pongruber, operations manager and disaster control officer of the Zell am See district authority after the rescue of the trapped researchers, adding, “The helpers here are already a special breed of people. This makes it possible to work through such operations calmly and resolutely. For this I am very grateful after these hours of tension The most beautiful gift is that no one was injured and the mission could be completed faster than expected.”

Gratz: “Joint success of all emergency forces.”

Authority, cave rescue, volunteer fire department, police and Red Cross have been working in St. Martin since yesterday evening to free the trapped people. “It is a joint success of all emergency forces who did everything possible on site to get the three explorers out of the Lamprechtsofenhöhle unharmed again. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the excellent cooperation,” emphasizes District Governor Bernhard Gratz.

Rescue operation was underway since Thursday evening

Since Thursday evening, three explorers from Poland were trapped in the Lamprechtsofenhöhle in St. Martin near Lofer. Rapidly rising meltwater prevented them from leaving the cave again. Today, four special divers from the Cave Rescue Service were requested to explore the situation. Around 5:30 p.m., a diver from Cave Rescue was able to get to the three men and make contact. Then, due to the falling water level and the good physical condition of the trapped men, it was decided that they could make their own way back to the cave entrance. At about 7 p.m., they reached the cave entrance. LK_220218_30 (mw/mel)

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