Friday, 8th September 2023, 13:30h CEST

Rescue teams are preparing the way out to the entrance by installing additional ropes and fixings. The cave is split in 7 parts with different cave rescue teams responsible for them:

Part 1: from 0 to -180 – Turkish Cave Rescue Team
Part 2: from -180 m to -360 – Hungarian Cave Rescue Team
Part 3: from -360 to -500 – Polish Cave Rescue Team
Part 4: from -500 to -680 – Italian Cave Rescue Team
Part 5: from -680 to -715 – Italian Cave Rescue Team
Part 6: from -715 to -900 – Croatian Cave Rescue Team
Part 7: from -900 to -1040 – Bulgarian Cave Rescue Team

The communication line from the bivouac on -1040 m to the entrance is improved. Also additional wireless communication system named Cave-Link will be installed to the bottom of the cave.

The doctors are working to further improve the patient’s health’s so that the difficult transport to the surface can begin soon without further complications.

Photos: Turkish Cave Rescue Team, Turkish Speleological Federation, Cave Rescue – Bulgaria, Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico – CNSAS