ECRA turns ten! 

Twelfth of May 2012 is the date of the founding general assembly of ECRA, which was held in Castellnuove Garfagnana, Toskany, Italy.

Founding general assembly of ECRA

Seven initial members founded ECRA: Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico  (The National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps – CNSAS), Jamarska reševalna služba (Cave Rescue Service of Slovenia – JRS), Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Cave-Rescue Commission (Hrvatska gorska služba spašavanja – HGSS), Osterreichischer Höhlenrettungsdienst Landesverband Salzburg (now part of Austrian Cave Rescue Association – Österreichische Höhlenrettung ÖHR), British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC), Höehlenrettung Suedbayern  (Bergwacht Bayern) and Gorska Služba Spasavanja Srbije – GSS RS.

“Congratulations on the anniversary! The ambitions and plans were more modest than what this organization represents today! We have created an excellent environment for international cooperation that has long transcended the borders of Europe. The most important thing is that we all enjoy our work and, above all, we have become friends! See you all in Rudice in the Czech Republic!”

Dinko Novose, President of ECRA

Photos from the founding general assembly of ECRA in Castellnuove Garfagnana, Toskany, Italy

Nowadays ECRA has 32 organizations as members and 4 honorary individuals.  

The best advertising, presentation of the organization is its work!

In 2021, the 14th ECRA meeting was held in Ramales de la Victoria, Spain. It best describes what this organization stands for today! The meeting was attended by 91 participants from more or less all European countries and from other continents. Workshops of the ECRA Commissions were held – technical, medical, cave diving and passage enlargement. In two working days, many important professional topics were discussed and debated on the “bench”. Some important cave rescue operations were analyzed! Thanks to the excellent organization of ESOCAN and its leader Martin Hierro Gonzales, we had such a great time!

The best illustration of the meeting is a video in which you can feel the atmosphere of the event, but also the character of the people that make up ECRA!