ECRA Cooperating with UIS

Earlier this year ECRA accidentally posted that it was in the UIS and a member. We meant to write that ECRA is a Cooperating Organization to UIS, which means ECRA is a separate organization that supports speleology and UIS goals. We apologize for the mistake.

Yesterday we received wonderful news that ECRA is a Cooperating Organization of the UIS. During several meetings of ECRA board in 2018 and as a conclusion of annual General assembly of ECRA in Casola Valsenio, Italy we apply 2nd of January 2019 for a Cooperating Organization of the UIS.

Voting process was very quick and just after 5 days we received positive answer!

ECRA is a specific and professional transnational organization. ECRA involves different national and regional cave rescue organizations and organizations affiliated to cave rescue with the aim to build a networking platform for knowledge and experience exchange in the field of cave rescue.

All cave rescuers involved in ECRA represent their own national or regional cave rescue service and are all experienced cavers and members of caving clubs and sections. ECRA has a strategic interest to be part of the wider caving community, since the most important human resource for cave rescue are cavers. The cave rescue service serves the public interest even cave rescue actions by some national statistics make up less than 30% of total interventions. However, we believe that the wider cave public has a strategic interest to be very well informed with the status of that kind organizations and to take care of their prosperity.

Therefore, we are proud to be part of worldwide caving community.

Dinko Novosel, PhD
President of European Cave Rescue Association