The Romanian Cave Rescue Association

Asociatia Corpul Român Salvaspeo – CORSA (The Romanian Cave Rescue Association), is a  private-sector professional legal organization, non-profit (NGO), founded in 2001 by the Romanian Federation of Speleology. CORSA’s members are natural persons certified as cave rescuers that gather as a General Assembly who conveys the managerial tasks to a Board of Directors and President.

By Law 402/2006, CORSA is the national organization that has regulatory, training and coordination powers in the area of cave rescue in Romania.

Cave rescue activities are provided by the Cave Rescue Public Services organized near the county councils on whose territory karst phenomena developed.

The cave rescue activity is integrated into the 112 alert dispatch and the institutions with civil protection attributions coordinated by the Romanian Government through the Emergency Situation Dispatcher of the Ministry of the Interior.

Presented by V. Lascu, The Romanian Cave Rescue Association