Soyuz Dobrovoltsev-speleospasateley (SDS) / Union of Volonteers Speleo Rescuers

About the Organization

The Union of Volunteers Speleo Rescuers was established in 2012. Registered as a public organization in March 2014. Since 2018, the SDS has been a structural part of the recreated Russian Union of Speleologists.


Goals and objectives of the Union:

Search and rescue operations in caves and mountains. A system of coordination centers has been created in the Russian Federation for rapid response in the event of an emergency in or near caves. The coordination centers are located in different regions of Russia in places with the most developed speleological communities. Rescue equipment is concentrated in the coordination centres. The coordinators carry out work on education and training of personnel. In the event of an emergency in any region of Russia or beyond, the coordinators will promptly organize the delivery of necessary equipment and rescuers, collect funds necessary for rescue operations.

In order to train rescuers and improve safety in caves through improving the skill level of speleologists, the Union of Volonteers Speleo Rescuers organizes training for its members and other cavers.

Karst and Caves

Caves of Crimea, Caucasus, Arhangelsk region, Siberia, Ural regions, Far East region, former Soviet republics (Republic of Abkhazia, Uzbekistan)


Victim and rescuers do not need to pay for rescue operation


Vladimir Akimov,, +79262075792

Emergency Call: +79117540708


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