Who We Are
“The Israeli Cave Explorers Club” was founded in 2014 by group of people who share the passion for caves. Since then more than 150 people have joined us. Currently the club is the only official speleo club in Israel. We operate in accordance with European standards, Organizes surveys, lectures, speleo course and training sessions, The club takes part in joint activity with The Israel Antiquities Authority and Parks Authority. In recent months, the club has hosted an international delegation to re-map the Malam Cave, and led an expedition to Kyrgyzstan (the largest Israeli expedition ever).

The club, together with many volunteers, organizes cleaning days in caves, and establishes in cave trails. The club is based on a very well-formed community of speleologists and their families, and we try to maintain and deepen this connection. By activities for the whole family.

Cave rescue organizations in Israel
Since there are no cave rescue organizations in Israel we aspire to take the lead and establish one that will be based on a dedicated and well trained team from the club.
We are working very hard in that direction, We started purchasing rescue equipment and there is a planned cave rescue course that will take place on March 2019. The course will be led by Tony Vlaykova from Bulgaria

Club website: https://www.icec.club/
Public website: https://www.israelcaving.com/
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/israelcaves/
Blog: http://israelcaving.blogspot.co.il/2018/04/blog-post.html

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