Grupa Ratownictwa Jaskiniowego – Stowarzyszenie (Cave Rescue Group)

The Cave Rescue Group was informally founded during a meeting of representatives of cave clubs on October 25, 2014. The direct reason for the meeting was a series of caving accidents that took place abroad. The cave society decided to establish a new cave rescue group serving help in such cases as part of PZA (Polish Mountaineering Association). 

In early 2020 and then formally from August 28, 2020, we decided to be an independent Cave Rescue Group – Association (Stowarzyszenie GRUPA RATOWNICTWA JASKINIOWEGO).

Now, we gather more than 50 people, highly experienced mountaineers, explorers (discoverers) of caves not only in Poland, including in the West Tatras Mountains,but mainly in the world: Austria, Slovenia, Mexico, which are only some of the areas of interest of our members. They are also specialists in their fields: doctors,medics, cave divers, rope access workers and others.

The main purpose of the Cave Rescue Group is cave-mountaineering support during exploration operations in the entire world, frequently in regions where no other rescue services or local cavers are available.

We are open to support and cooperation with local and foreign cave-rescue services during complicated and difficult rescue operations in caves. Our purpose is not to compete or replace local rescue services.

Our activities are of a social and not commercial nature. None of our rescuers receive pay or subsistence allowance for their activity in the Cave Rescue Group.

Cave rescue is our passion.



  • Michał Macioszczyk (0048) 514 257 317
  • Marcin Bugała (0048) 606 423 666
  • Przemysław Sękowski (0048) 608 623 007