Cave-Rescue Commission is an expert Commission of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and its main mission is performing rescues from underground objects (caves, pits, mines …).

Ever since its foundation, in 1950, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (earlier Mountain Rescue Service) has been also successfully performing cave-rescues. By discovery of new large vertical pits on North Velebit, during 1990s, new requirements in the discipline of rescue have risen, which resulted in formation of special Sub-commission by CMRS in January 2001. It was later named Cave-Rescue Commission.


So far, in Croatia, there are approximately 9000 known caves of various morphology, which demand specific interventions during rescue missions.

Here are several examples:

– 3 vertical pits deeper than 1000 meters (Jamski sustav Lukina jama – Trojama -1431 m, Slovačka jama -1320 m, Jamski sustav Velebita -1026 m);

– 15 pits deeper than 500 m (Mokre noge -831 m, Amfora -788 m, Jamski sustav Kita Gaćešina – Draženova Puhaljka -737 m, Muda labudova -680 m, Meduza -679 m, Stara Škola -576 m, Vilimova jama -572 m, Patkov gušt -553 m, Olimp -537 m, Ledena jama u Lomskoj dulibi -536 m, Ponor na Bunovcu -534 m, Crveno jezero -528 m, Jama pod Kamenitim vratima -520 m, Munižaba -510 m, Lubuška jama -508 m);

– Large verticals – Croatian pits are abundant with extremely large verticals and some of them are among the biggest in the world (two of them are deeper than 500 m and other two are deeper than 300 m, also there are as many as thirteen verticals that are deeper than 200 m) while 100 m deep verticals are quite common;

– Long and complicated caves (Špiljski sustav Đulin Ponor-Medvedica 16,396 m long, Panjkov Ponor – Kršlje 12,385 m long and many other );

– Long, deep and complicated pits (Jamski sustav Kita Gaćešina-Draženova puhaljka 26,371 m long and 737 m deep, Munižaba 9,322 m long and 510 m deep);

– Extremely tight channels (crawlways), (Amfora, Lubuška jama);

– Deep springs (spring of river Una -205 m);

– Deep pit siphons (siphon at the bottom of Lukina jama -1355 m, siphon at the bottom of Slovačka jama -1320 m);

– Underground object submerged under sea water;

– Long and complicated siphons (Majerovo Vrelo, 942 m long and 104 m deep).

Performing rescues in these conditions requires top organization, large number of qualified and trained speleo-rescuers, large amount of specialist equipment and good logistic support considering the possibility of dealing with complicated rescue missions which could last for several days.


Darko Baksic – head of CMRS Cave Rescue Commission
Phone: +385 91 2123 009

Ivica Cukusic – Deputy Head of CMRS Cave Rescue Commission
Phone: +385 91 785 3605

Dinko Novosel – Secretary of CMRS Cave Rescue Commission
Phone: +385 91 517 9431