Fundación Espeleosocorro Cántabro (ESOCAN) / Cantabrian Cave Rescue Foundation

About the Organization

Formally constituted in 2015, it groups together the volunteers who since 1995 had been carrying out rescue work in caves. The more than 120 rescues carried out in the last 25 years make us the most experienced group in cave rescue in Spain. We are also an official caving training center, recognized by the Government of Spain.

Karst and Caves

Cantabria is the most important karst area in Spain, with more than 9000 described caves. This makes it the most visited region for caving. For this reason, it bears most of the accident rate in our country.


Today victims do not pay for rescue. Insured is recommended


Martín González Hierro, +34 667 70 16 23

Emergency Call: +34 667 70 16 23


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