Cave Rescue in Western Canada

(ABCCRS) coordinates cave rescue training and response in Alberta and British Columbia through two parallel organizations formally recognized as SAR groups in their respective provinces.

Capable of responding to cave rescue emergencies anywhere in Western Canada, the Northwestern United States and Alaska.

ABCCRS Training

Delivered annually at various locations in BC and Alberta.

One to two day Companion Rescue Workshops encourage every caver to build situational awareness, assess risks, carry appropriate equipment and develop horizontal and vertical techniques that will both improve everyday caving and assist them in responding effectively to emergencies impacting members of their party.

Rescue Response Workshops of similar duration, or Seminars of greater length serve to build and maintain a cadre of competent and appropriately equipped personnel available on callout by agencies anywhere in either province to respond to a cave search or rescue emergency. Participants are introduced to the use of the Incident Command System (ICS), communications equipment and protocols, cave search methods, stretcher packaging and handling, and rescue rigging.