Speleo Stretcher by Alp Design

This Stretcher allows the best accommodation and fastening of the victim. Furthermore, it meets the principles of horizontal rescue, as well as physiological and non-traumatic recovery of the victim.

The victim is fastened in three different areas: legs through independent tapes under the heel, with anti-slip fastening system on the foot; pelvis with stuffed seat-structure; this system has been conceived and tested to ensure a good fastening even in case of pelvis bone fracture, in order to allow easy access to femoral arteries and eliminate compressions in case the victim has to stay on the stretcher for a long time; thorax with girdle fastening system and stuffing under the armpits; this system ensures better fastening in case of spinal trauma, and allows the vertical rescue of the victim with pelvis bone fracture; the absence of belts prevents from compressing the sub-armpit area. In order to improve the victim’s stay on a stiff board for a long time, some mobile stuffings are provided for the cervical, lumbar and popliteal area.