Communications Catalogue


At the ECRA conference in Rudice (Czech Republic) in 2022 and in discussion with Giuseppe Conte and Dinko Novosel, it was thought that a comprehensive list of communication devices available to cave rescue teams should be provided.  In the end it was decided that Pete Allwright (ECRA Honorary Member) would be tasked with producing the first issue of such a document.

Format of document

The document is in two sections.

The first section is a number of tables identifying the available communications devices.

The second section provides a detailed description of several devices, expanding on the content of the tables in the first section.

This will be a live document and will be liable to updates on a regular basis.

Thank You

A big thank you to all who have responded to allow this catalogue to be built.

As we say, this is a live document so if you have any additional contributions or changes, please contact with the details.