ECRA-Meeting 2018 in Casola-Valsenio

Short summary of the passage enlargement commission

  • The blasting-group of the italian rescuers (Gruppo Lavoro Disostruzione – GLD) presented their actual system of destroying rocks. They do not use “Disostrex” anymore (a pyrotechnic system designed and made by themselves). They actual use a mixture between blasting-cord and explosive cartridges to minimize the amount of nitrox gas but to keep the brisance of the blasting-cord.
  • The Italians also presented their other equipment like gas-measuring instruments or blastingmachines.
  • A list was created with the persons interested in blasting/cave-widening. The following countries are represented: Croatia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia.
  • After the meeting I got in contact with these interested persons by mail to keep in tough.

09.04.2019, Werner Zagler

Short summary of the passage enlargement commission
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