Dear Colleagues!

ECRA board decide to postponed ECRA meeting in Cantabria planed for 13th-15th November in Ramales de la Vitcoria in organization by ESOCAN on a behalf of ECRA.

Last night ECRA board had meeting together with Spanish colleagues and analyse situation in Ramales de la Victoria, location of meeting and temporary situation with COVID19. We all conclude that is not reasonable that we insist to have meeting in November since COVID19 situation to much interrupt good and quality organization of the meeting. Participants will have trouble getting to Cantabria because the restrictions in public and air traffic. Some will be barred from leaving the country. Strict biosecurity measures should be adhered to the meeting which will corrupt relaxed atmosphere. Many will feel insecure and avoid to come to the meeting because they belong to the risk group. All of that will result that interest for the meeting and attendance will be low.

We will not cancel meeting than just to postpone to late spring or November 2021. All of you will be informed about the date of the meeting in February 2021.

The postpone of the meeting will produce administrative problems because we have legal obligation to hold annual general assembly, the current ECRA board mandate of 4y has expired and a new one should be elected. The working group has prepared a new improved Constitution which better fits to our purpose and therefore needs to be discussed and voted on. Unfortunately, this is not a situation we could predict and control and it affects not only ECRA but globally human society. We will investigate the legal possibilities and consult with the members to find the most acceptable and expedient solution.


Dinko Novosel

Postponed ECRA Meeting 2020 in Cantabria