JRSCave Rescue Service of Slovenia organises an international cave rescue exercise in Klemeškov Pekel Cave in the period from 9 to 11 Oct 2015. Up to 6 rescue service members are invited to participate from each of the ECRA participating countries.


9-11 Oct 2015

The first participants will start to arrive on Friday, 9 Oct in the afternoon, the rest are
expected to arrive until 7:00 on Saturday, when the exercise is planned to begin.

Meeting point for the participants will be at Klemenšek farm (Logarska Dolina 29, Solčava; WGS84: 14.635914E, 46.425524N).

Participants are expected to arrive by Saturday morning at 7:00. The exercise will take place in Klemenškov Pekel Cave in Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe in northern part of Slovenia. WGS84 coordinates: 14.631556E 46.422821N, 1168 m asl.

The cave is located within walking distance of the Klemenšek farm where we will be situated.

Marko Erker (marko.erker [ at ] gmail . com, +386 51 344 416)
Marko Zakrajšek (marko [ at ] zakrajsek . org, +386 51 630 680)

Exercise goals

  • extract the victim from the meanders below 310 m depth
  • assess readiness of the teams for extraction
  • assess the ability of international teams to work together focusing on organisation, logistics, etc.
  • improve the ability of international teams to work together
  • assess the ability of the team leaders to select the appropriate equipment and its quantity for the assigned part of the cave
  • assess inter and intra-team work
  • improve organisation of logistics during a prolonged activity

Plan of activity

afternoon arrival and accommodation

07:00: breakfast

– formation of teams
– distribute equipment
– extract the victim

20:00: dinner and analysis

21:00: free

breakfast and departure

Accommodation, food
Place to put up tents will be available in front of the farm. A few big tents will also be available.

The following meals will be provided for the participants:

Saturday: sandwiches for the cave; dinner

Sunday: breakfast

Registration data
Register up to 6 members until 11 Sep 2015 to one of the contact e-mails. Participants who want to participate in the cave may wish to obtain Permit for independent caving.

Each organization must also take care of accident insurance for their participants as it will not be covered by JRS.

The required personal details of the participants are:
Vegetarian or not

The required equipment is the personal caving equipment including SRT equipment. Common equipment such as ropes and rescue equipment will be available on-site.

All participants agree to act safely and adhere to instructions of the organisers.

Full text of invitation in pdf with map of the cave.

Invitation to international cave rescue exercise in Klemenškov Pekel, Slovenia