Suvi ponor – November 2017, Serbia

Mountain rescue service of Serbia is organizing annual international cave rescue exercise in cave Suvi ponor on Miroč mountain, eastern Serbia. We would very much like to see your respectable team to take place in this exercise.

Invitation – Cave rescue training, Suvi ponor 2017

Location of the exercise
Eastern Serbia, Miroč mountain, village Kopana Glavica, cave Suvi ponor.

Exercise is planned for the weekend 17th to 19th of November 2017.

Organized departure from Belgrade for the exercise is planned for Friday, 17th of November at 5:30 pm, from MRS Serbia HQ near Belgrade Fair, Belgrade.

GPS: 44°47’52.78″N, 20°26’37.20″E

Meeting of all participants will be at 10 pm in village Kopana Glavica

GPS: 44°30’57.63″N, 22°15’20.66″E

Departure from the village Kopana Glavica is planned for Sunday, 19th of November before 1pm.

There will be enough space in school in village Kopana Glavica for all participants. It is necessary that all participants bring their sleeping bags and mats. Also, if preferred, there is a lot of space for tents in front of the school.

Organization of the exercise
Following persons are in charge of the organization of the training:
Aleksandar Ravas (+381642508795)
Marko Avdić (+381643467851)

Feel free to contact us on all issues.

Goal of the exercise
Goal is to achieve cooperation between international cave rescue teams and Speleological clubs in the region.

If necessary, some traveling places will be arranged from Belgrade to Kopana Glavica and back, otherwise, feel free to use your own vehicle.

Breakfast, snack for the cave and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday are organized for the participants of the exercise. If there are participants who acquire vegetarian meals, please state it in the application.

Applying for the exercise
It is necessary that all participants within application send:
First name:
Last name:
Passport number:
Meal preferences:
Transportation from Belgrade: Yes/No

Applying for the exercise is via e-mail or phone number +381642508795, please, no later than the 12th of November 2017.

About cave
At this time of year, there will be some water in the cave for sure. If it turns out to be to much, we will move the exercise to another cave which is more suitable. We will closely observe weather forecast. Expect surface temperature to be between 3 and 10°C.

Equipment for the exercise
It is necessary that all the participants bring their personal caving equipment (harness, caving suit, helmet, boots (shoes), gloves, light, emergency blanket…). Rest of the equipment is provided by Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia.

Map of the cave

Invitation to cave rescue exercise