Dear colleagues cave rescuers!

When more than two weeks ago twelve boys and their soccer coach were trapped in a cave in Thailand, the attention of the world’s public was quickly redirected to this terrible tragedy. We felt confidence, when we were informed, that British cave divers travelled to this far away Asian country. The first optimistic news was, as the soccer team and the coach were found alive after nine days. But we knew, that it will be a very difficult and risky rescue operation, which has so far never been seen. Again, we were confident, that this rescue operation will be over with a happy end, because the best people were sent there.

Now as all 12 boys and their coach are successfully rescued, we are delighted to express a great admiration and gratitude to all the rescuers, who were involved in any way, especially the divers, who showed unusual courage and perseverance!

And you did it – yes, you did it!

Thank you, guys!

Dinko Novosel

Alberto Ubertino

Kurt Dennstedt
(Secretary General)

ECRA letter in pdf file format


Dear BCRC, dear cave divers and management of BCRC!

Your team have done a great job in Thailand. Every caver and every cave diver was aware of the danger that they’re going through. But only those who were on site were aware of the real danger, real obstacles and how real the situation it was. And those things didn’t stop them! Once again they showed that BCRC’s cave divers are one of the top divers in the world. Thanks also to the BCRC management that support divers on there every step.

We, Slovenian Cave Rescue Service, we’re proud to stand next to you in an organisation as it is ECRA. Let’s continue good work hand-in-hand and provide help to those who need it most.

Best regards,
Marko Zakrajšek
Head of an operation at JRS


Congratulations on the successful completion of this cave rescue operation!

The last days were a roller coaster of feelings between hope and fear. We followed the mission very closely and the public interest in Switzerland was enormous. With your work you have shown to the world that cave rescuers from various locations and divers backgrounds work well together to make THE difference. We are proud of you.

Thank you and stay safe…

Speleo-Secours, Cave Rescue Switzerland

Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüsse

Andy Scheurer
Speleo-Secours Schweiz


Der Verein für Höhlenkunde in München e.V. freut sich sehr und ist überglücklich, dass die Jungs, der Trainer
und das gesamte Rettungsteam diese enorm schwierige Rettung erfolgreich und ohne weitere Komplikationen
überstanden hat!
Es gebührt ein großer Respekt an das Rettungsteam und den geretteten Jungs, für den Mut diese lebensgefährliche
Aktion durchgeführt zu haben.
Es war ein wichtiger Schritt für die Rettung und ein noch größerer Schritt für die ECRA.
Herzliches Beileid den verstorbenen Retter, der in Gedanken immer im Team sein wird.

Ein herzliches Glück Tief

Peter Forster
Verein für Höhlenkunde in München e.V.
1. Vorsitzender
Tannenfleckstraße 12b
D-82194 Gröbenzell
Tel.: +49 (0) 08142 6528098
Mobil: +49 (0) 151 26859349



On behalf of the Portuguese speleologists, we wish to express our happiness for the safe recovery of the group of youths from the Tham Luang Cave. Please convey our best wishes to the boys and their families.
We wish to congratulate the Thai and international staff and institutions and a special word for the British team involved in the rescue operation, which was an extraordinary example of cooperation and solidarity.
We also wish to express our deep condolences for the unfortunate death of the former Thai Navy diver Saman Kunan. We well know that such an operation requires the selfless commitment of many. We have felt his death as if he were one of our own.

With our best wishes,
Vítor Amendoeira
President of the Portuguese Federation of Speleology


Dear friends,

We want to express our admiration, respect and gratitude for the great rescue team in Thailand.

You did a brilliant job rescuing all 12 boys and their football coach in one of the most challenging rescue operations conducted in the world ever. The combined efforts of the British top cave rescue divers, the management staff, the Thailand navy seal divers and all the volunteers led this mission to a successful end, despite the extremely complicated and dangerous conditions.

This once again confirms the necessity of collaboration between the countries, in such complicated rescue scenarios.

Good luck with all your rescue missions in the future! We are honoured to be in one and the same organization, as ECRA with you.

Nikola Donchev,
Cave Rescue – Bulgaria



Thank you from all the members of CNSAS in Italy for the wonderful work you done in Thailand.
They were long days of waiting, the hope of finding the children alive was about to vanish when thanks to your divers were found the kids
We are happy to share our knowledge with you inside Ecra organization

thank you so much grazie di cuore!!!!

Roberto Corti
Responsabile Nazionale Soccorso Speleologico Italiano CNSAS


On behalf Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Cave rescue commission, we want to express great happiness and satisfaction and congratulate you on the successful rescue of twelve young boys and their coach from the Tham Luang cave. We believe that this is one of the most suble and most complicated cave rescue operations ever carried out and with great respect we salute Thai authorities and rescuers as well as all rescue participants from other countries. At the same time, we express great condolence for the loss of Thai Navy diver Saman Kunan.
We are proud that BCRC, as a member of ECRA, contribution was decisive to the positive outcome of rescue from the very beginning, ECRA has been assist, was prepared and available.
We are happy that our service has given its modest contribution to the formation of ECRA, which has joined cave rescue organizations in Europe and wider by spreading the basic idea of “Exchange of Knowledge and Experience in Cave Rescue”.
Our dear friend, Peter Allwright, after the cave rescue operation in Riesending, said that ECRA is becoming a mature organization, which is also confirmed by co-operation, monitoring and rescue assistance in Tham Luang Cave. Today, after this rescue operation, his statement has even more weight.

Congratulation to All!

Darko Bakšić
Pročelnik Komsije za speleospašavanje Hrvatske Gorske Službe Spašavanja
Chairman of Cave Rescue Commission of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service


On behalf of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia, I wish to express our gratitude and congratulate you on the successful rescue operation performed in Thailand.
We have witnessed in the past few days a real superhuman effort of the rescue-diver teams and genuine good leadership of the whole operation performed on site.
We are relieved to hear that all the boys are out of the cave and reunited with their families.
We send our condolences to the family and friends of Saman Gunan, a true hero of this operation.
Once again, we would like to congratulate all the participants and all the people that took part in this huge effort to save human lives. This gives all of us motivation and proof that we are doing the right thing.

Best Regards,
Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia


Dear BCRC’s Cave Divers and Management,
You are the best example for all cave’s society how fortitude and perseverance in overcoming the mental, physical and also political barriers, could change impossible in possible. Your’s cave divers and management proved professionalism and altruism on every step during your contribution to the rescue action in Thailand.

The lesson learnt after will for sure stand us in good stead for improving the strategy of providing help for those who will need it.

We are very proud that we are co-member of ECRA with such a great team as it is BCRC.

Best regards,
On behalf of polish Cave Rescue Group (GRJ)
Michal Macioszczyk


Congratulations to All Participants in Thailand Cave Rescue

As the Turkish Cave Rescue Commission, we are grateful to the members of the BCRC, Thailand’s Navy SEALs and all the other volunteer divers who participated in the tremendously complicated rescue operation in Thailand’s Tham Luang cave, which resulted in successful rescue of all 12 children and their coach trapped in the cave. We would also like to honor the memory of the retired Thai Navy SEAL Saman Kunan, who paid the ultimate price during his selfless participation in the rescue operation.
Even though we were not actively participating in the rescue operation, we did our best to give accurate information to the public about the operation through news channels and our website. Hopefully the communication between the cave rescue organizations of the many different countries will even improve further in the wake of such a wide international cooperation.

Emre Can Güzel – President of the Cave Rescue Commission of Turkey


Dear Divers and Cave Rescuers of BCRC,
We are sending our congratulations for your successful cave rescue operation in Thailand. We took highest attention for your activity, which was really unique and difficult task. Emotionally we were with you. Besides that we feel together with family and Thai people who lost an excellent son and diver Saman Gunan. Finally, we wish you good rest and hopefully all us can use those experiences in the future.

president of Hungarian Cave Rescue Service member of ECRA

ECRA Thankful Letter