Our president asked to announce the ECRA-Meeting 2020. Unluckily Poland cannot organize the meeting as announced in Istria last year. Therefore the Cantabrian member ESOCAN invited to come to Spain. Thank you.

And thank you for all other offers to organize the next meeting in your country.

The meeting is planned for 12th-15th November 2020, Cantabria / Spain. The venue is in the karst area, caves are close. Building for meeting and accommodation are in walking distance. The organizers will get support by local government.

Of course, the situation with COVID-19 is unpredictable. Spain has a very hard time these days. The ECRA board is monitoring the development of the pandemic and will make the final decision this summer – in time for your further disposition.

To wait any longer would mean less time for ESOCAN and maybe even problems to guarantee the venue. After the crisis everyone will spend every free minute outside to rediscover the world.

Kurt Dennstedt / General Secretary of ECRA

ECRA Meeting 2020, Cantabria, Spain