On Sunday, 10th July 2106 in Styria / Austria an English caving team was not back in time on the surface. The team was on a several days lasting tour in the “Schwarzmooskogel-Höhlensystem”.

© Clemens TENREITER / Österreichische Höhlenrettung
© Clemens TENREITER / Österreichische Höhlenrettung
Due to exceeding of the generous dimensioned alarm time the “Österreichische Höhlenrettung” (Austrian cave rescue) was alarmed. In the meantime 2 English caving teams entered the cave for search. In a depth of about 600m they run about the missing cavers. All have been in good health. A technical problem avoided the escape on own resources. After exoneration from predicament started the collective, 4 hours lasting ascension. All persons reached the daylight in good condition.

© Clemens TENREITER / Österreichische Höhlenrettung
© Clemens TENREITER / Österreichische Höhlenrettung
The rescue operation has been finished at 19:15. All in all 12 rescuers of the “Österreichische Höhlenrettung” and a police helicopter inclusive 3 man crew have been 9 hours in operation. The cave rescuers are mainly from Upper Austria. The rescued persons are part of a team of 20 English cavers led by the University of Cambridge Caving Club. This team explores the Schwarzmooskogel area during a 2 week long cave expedition every year. Just through the good cooperation of all parties could the operation efficiently and successfully be finished.

The Schwarzmooskogel Cave System in “Totes Gebirge” (Dead Mountain) reaches under the summits of the ‘Vorderer’ and ‘Hinterer Schwarzmooskogel’ near ‘Altaussee’. It covers an explored aisle length of more than 114 km and a height difference of about 1100 m (highest to lowest point). Therefore it counts to the biggest cave systems in Europe. The cave contains with the Schneevulkanhalle one of the biggest ice formations. The cave system is explored since many years by cavers from the whole world. Special challenge for a bigger rescue action would be the wide-ranging ice parts in this cave system.

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Caving team got off lightly besides heavy alarm time overflow (Austria)