31st May – 1st of June

After the unsuccessful five dives the cave divers team is unable to continue with the searching and returns to Plovdiv. The Cave Rescue volunteers, who support the divers, also leave the Kipilovo area.

New dive attempts are planned for the weekend.

Late in the evening is understood that the relatives of the missing Krasimir contacted another diver in Veliko Tarnovo, who has caving experience and wants to help. All of the information from the divers who participated in the operation up to the current moment is shared with him. He plans to dive on the following day.

The communication between Cave Rescue, the divers and the relatives is maintained.

2nd June

The diver from Veliko Tarnovo enters the syphon and surveys it to the old end at about 130 meters without finding anything. The water level is fallen a few meters.

Another diving attempt is planned for the following day in the new parts.

Cave Diving Accident, Kipilovo, Bulgaria: update from 1st and 2nd June