The 13th European Cave Rescue Meeting is going to take place in Baredine Cave, Istria, Croatia from 14th to 17th November 2019.

Organized by Croatian Mountain Rescue Service – Cave Rescue Commission on behalf of the European Cave Rescue Association.

Please, fulfilled the registration form for the 13th European Cave Rescue Meeting.


After the extraordinary big event last year we will have again a smaller but balanced framework for our meeting.

The program offers workshops on technical topics, passage widening, a diving exercise, medical aspects and last but not least a round table discussing the future of international collaboration.

Please visit also our website or send us in case of any questions an email to

We are looking forward to meet you at the Baredine Jama

The Organizing Committee


Baredine Cave (Jama Baredine), a show cave in Istria, Croatia.

This is close the coastal town Poreč on the west shore of Istria.

Meeting Location: 3 meeting rooms.
Exercise Location: show cave inside venue, cave and canyon 3km distance from venue.


Participation Fee

The participation fee is 50 EUR, payable at check in.

The participation fee includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner during the ECRA meeting. Drinks go at your own expense.


It is absolutely necessary to REGISTER AGAIN online.

Check in at the Meeting Office

Office time: Friday 8:00 – 9:00

Official Language

The official language of this event is English. Simultaneous translation is not available.


All presentations must be offered in English.

Please Note:
The presentations shall be provided till 10th November to


Technical Exercise

For those who, wants to be active is PSA required.

Diving Exercise

Joint diving exercise to make consensus about SOPs, if conditions are OK.

Round table about SOPs.

Presentation “Manipulation with dead person”.

Arrival (Airports)

National Airport Pula / Croatia

0:41 / 59 km

International Airport Zagreb / Croatia

2:56 / 272 km

International Airport Trieste / Italy

1:31 / 113 km

Smaller international airport

(A transfer from there can easily be arranged, several rescuers are from Trieste. Short distance to the venue)

International Airport Venice / Italy

2:39 / 224 km

Big international airport

(a pickup from there can easily be arranged for 14th of November. Several Italian rescuers will pass Venice on their way to the venue.)

Pickup Service

Is provided. Contact the Helpdesk.


If a transfer from the airports is needed, please send an e-mail with the flight data (flight number, arrival time, departure time).

11th – 17th November

In case of further questions around the transport following phone numbers can be reached:

Teo BARIŠIĆ, phone: +385 98 853694, e-mail:

Aida BARIŠIĆ, phone: +385 98 445502, e-mail:


Galleries inside venue will be with field beds. Please bring your own sleeping bag and underlay/foam pads.

An area for tents is also available. Please bring your own camping equipment.

In nearby village is good possibility to rent apartment, we are in touristic area, now touristic season is over, rooms and apartments are empty. Information can be offered at reception desk and sort in an hour.


The participants will use the restaurant of the venue (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Letter of Invitation

If needed, the participants can request a letter of Invitation by e-mail:


Please consult the Croatian Embassy in your country if in doubt.

Security Warnings

No specific warning for Croatia. Public safety in Croatia is very high.


Croatian Kuna (HRK)

European Central Bank: EUR 1 = 7.4138 HRK (25th October 2019)

Currency Converter: 1 EUR = 7.4528 HRK   (25th October 2019)


Wednesday, 13th November


National Park Brijuni

9:00 – 20.00; Departure from Baredine Cave

Thursday, 14th November


Cave Piskavica, Pazin, Pazincica abyss, Roč

9:00 – 20.00; Departure from Baredine Cave

Cave Piskavica

is a 1 km long, hoizontal cave in sandstone, no special equipment required


Pazin Abyss (Pazincica abyss)

Its entrance is under a 200 m high rock. Its interior hides two lakes, which are mutually connected.


is the smallest town in the world



Ponor Rašpor (Abbys Raspor)

9:00 – 20.00; Departure from Baredine Cave

-361 m deep, 1106 m length. At the entrance is a 200 m pitch. Excellent SRT knowledge is necessary and excellent physical condition.

In case of raining, the tour will be cancelled for security reasons.

General Information around the Pre-Meeting


Booking for the tours is possible together with the online registration for the meeting or afterwards via e-mail to Teo BARIŠIĆ ( Please name the tour-ID, e.g. PM-1.


The tours start from the venue Baredine Cave.


The participants will use the restaurant of the venue at their own expense (breakfast, lunch and dinner).


Same possibilities as for the main meeting, at your own expense.

Expenses for the tours

Actually not available.

Organizing committee

Chairman of Cave rescue commission of Croatian mountain rescue service. Responsible for the organization within the host country

Chairman of Croatian mountain rescue service. Responsible for the organization within the host country

Owner of Baredine cave

President of ECRA, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service / HGSS, Croatia

Vice President of ECRA, The National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps / CNSAS, Italy

General Secretary of ECRA, Austrian Cave Rescue Association / ÖHR, Austria

Giuseppe CONTI
Chairperson of Technical commission, National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps / CNSAS, Italy

Chairperson of Medical commission, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service / HGSS, Croatia

Robert ANZIC
Chairperson of Cave-diving commission, Cave Rescue Service of Slovenia / JRS, Slovenia

Responsible for ECRA web visibility, Cave Rescue Bulgaria / CRB, Bulgaria


Dinko NOVOSEL, President
Phone: +385 91 517 94 31

Alberto UBERTINO, Vice President
Phone: +39 335 600 90 58

Kurt DENNSTEDT, general Secretary
Phone: +43 680 230 00 25

Teo BARIŠIĆ, Responsible in Croatia
Phone:  +385 98 853694

Ulrich NÄGELI, Secretary of Medical Commission
Phone:  +41 79 693 17 27

13th European Cave Rescue Meeting – Third Circular