ECRA-first-anouncmentSplit, CROATIA
11th-13th November 2016

Organized by:
Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
Cave Rescue Commission (CMRS – CRC)
on a behalf of European Cave Rescue Association

First anouncment

Topics for this year’s European Cave Rescue Meeting are:
– to improve existing collaboration in operation level, problems with how to start international intervention in Bulgaria, discussion about bilateral agreements between services;
– cave rescue education on national level;
– technical testing;
– medical meeting;
– cave diving exercise, discussion about accident in Bulgaria;
– what support can we give to bomb disposal experts should we be called to assist;
– general assembly, elections for new leadership in next 4 years.

Please note the date for ECRA meeting in your diary!

Thank you for having expressed such great interest to participate 10th European Cave Rescue Meeting in Split!

Organizing committee:
Darko Bakšić, President of ECRA
Alberto Ubertino, vice president of ECRA
Dinko Novosel, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Cave rescue commission
Pete Alwright, British cave rescue council
Antoniya Vlaykova, Bulgarian cave rescue service
Max Merela, Slovenian cave rescue service
Giussepe Conti, CNSAS
Ivica Ćukušić, Croatian mountain rescue service
Ueli Neageli, Speleosecurs Suisse
Lana Đonlagić, Croatian Mountain rescue service

10th European Cave Rescue Meeting 2016