The Second Announcement

11th-13th November 2016

Organized by:
Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
Cave Rescue Commission (CMRS – CRC)
on a behalf of European Cave Rescue Association

Topics for this year’s European Cave Rescue Meeting are:
-to improve existing collaboration in operation level, problems with how to start international intervention in Bulgaria, discussion about bilateral agreements between services
-cave rescue education on national level
-technical testing
-medical meeting
-cave diving exercise, discussion about accident in Bulgaria
-what support can we give to bomb disposal experts should we be called to assist
-General Assembly, elections for new leadership in next 4 years

Organizing committee:
Darko Bakšić, President of ECRA
Alberto Ubertino, Vice President of ECRA
Dinko Novosel, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Cave Rescue Commission
Pete Allwright, British Cave Rescue Council
Antoniya Vlaykova, Bulgarian Cave Rescue Service
Max Merela, Slovenian Cave Rescue Service
Giussepe Conti, CNSAS
Ivica Ćukušić, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
Ueli Neageli, Speleo Secours Suisse
Lana Đonlagić, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

Local organizing stuff:
Aida Barišić, Frane Kožemelj

Cave rescue education
We have it in mind that each cave rescue service/group presents an overview what kind of training and education their cave rescuers undertake, what type of courses they have, basic, advanced, medical, technique, cave diving…

We will make a conclusion focused on compatibility or discrepancies

For more info contact: Dinko Novosel ( and Alberto Ubertino (

Technical workshop
This year we will practically demonstrate and test counterweight on Tyrolean traverse and what happens when we cut one rope.

For more info contact: Darko Bakšić ( and Giussepe Conti (

Cave diving Rescue
Some adaptation of Petzl Nest stretchers for cave diving rescue will be presented

One joint cave diving exercise will be organized in cave in sea. Optionally can be organized diving in nearby sources.

For more info contact: Ivica Ćukušić (

Medical workshop
Medical group will continue discussion according their timetable.

For more info contact: Ueli Neagli ( or Lana Djonlagic (

– Technical description and practical demonstration of Nicola 3 will be done.
– For more info: Pete Allwright ( )
– Presentation and demonstration of pyrotechnical tool for enlarge narrow passages for cave rescue (for rock fracture) and support for explosive (bomb) disposal squad.
– For more info: Dinko Novosel ( )
– If any group have some specific and important news or cave rescue operation to present, presentations are welcome!!

ECRA general assembly
– Election
– Detail program of ECRA assembly will be sent to official representatives
– Discussion about bilateral agreements and future projects
– For more info: Max Merela ( and Robert Erhardt (



There are two approaches to Malačka. The more confident is from coastal part, this area is settled so there are many people to ask for a help. You can choose two exits: Prgomet-Trogir or Dugopolje Split.

Or if you have good navigation you can choose exit Prgomet or Vučevica and go directly to Malačka.

Last destination is Split. Bust and train station are in the same place in the city center. You have to announce when is your arrival that somebody from Croatian Mountain Rescue Service picks you up with van.

Split airport is nearby, it’s possible to arrive in Split airport and somebody from Croatian Mountain Rescue will pick you up. Alternative is to land in Zagreb (more flights in that part of the year) then you can be pick up from Zagreb airport and transfer to Malačka (3,5h hour of driving by highway).

The meeting will be held in a big mountain hut which is situated in Malačka pass on Kozjak Mountain at 500m over Kaštela bay with very beautiful morning and night view. Meeting, workshops, meal and other social activities will be in bigger Mountain hut Malačka. While people will sleep Mountain hut Malačka and 2 minutes’ walk distance Mountain hut Česmina.


In near Kaštela there are many possibilities to find appropriate hotel accommodation.


No visa is required from citizens of most European countries. Please consult the Croatian Embassy in your country if in doubt. The participants can request a Letter of Invitation by e-mail.
If needed for meeting attendance ECRA board can write invitation letter for support.


Participation fee: 50 EUR

The participation fee can be paid during registration of participants in
Participation fees include:
Accommodation in
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
The official language of the European Cave Rescue Meeting 2016 is English. All presentation papers should be written in English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.


Please fulfil following form

Please note the date for ECRA meeting in your diary!

Thank you for having expressed such great interest to participate 10th European Cave Rescue Meeting in Split!

We are looking forward to meet you in Split, Organizing Committee

10th European Cave Rescue Meeting 2016